Man, do I love dancing.  I went to this abandoned warehouse Friday night with a friend and his co-workers to experience some Funky Soul.  The warehouse itself reminded me a little of my Soviet apartment building, but in the bowels of Detroit.  Kind of one in the same...kidding...kind of.  When we arrived there was about 200 people or so getting warmed up to dance with BYOB-alcohol and herb.  As the night progressed, about another 300 people joined in the funk, with the majority of people dancing.  The crowd seemed to be mostly young high school burb kids, but nonetheless I realized how much I miss dancing, especially with my friends.  There is such an energy generated with my friends and dancing...and this music would have been right up their alley.  I, naturally, danced, danced, danced, whilst thinking of my friends' smiles that I miss.  It was an all-round good night of funk and soul.

Conclusion:  I need to learn some breakdancing moves.  That would be badass.

What also is interesting is the etymology of the word funk:  from the French word funkiere "smoke" and first used in 1959 in reference to cheese- old, musty.  It then came into jazz to mean earthy, strong, deeply felt and in the 1960s it acquired a broader slang sense of fine, stylish, and excellent; all quite apropos for describing the evening.

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