It's a cruel, cruel world

Welcome to my life for 31 seconds: A soundscape

Step 1: turn your volume up to 11.

Step 2: Click on this link

Step 3: Hit play on "Kiss Make Out Tongue Sloppy".

Step 4: Put your dick in the box. Wait. No. That's something else.

This is what I hear every night before I go to bed. In fact, I can even here it while I'm upstairs and they're downstairs with the door closed!

I vomit in my mouth a little bit every time.


I used to live near Chernobyl.

They warned us not to eat the berries or the mushrooms in Ukraine. I didn't listen to them. The only effect I ever noticed was persistent light-headedness. This could have been a result of me consuming radiation or the copious amount of vodka I drank. I'm still not sure. Regardless, those Soviets fucked up bad with Chernobyl. Check this out: http://xkcd.com/radiation/ Really interesting perspective.

I've also come across this interesting video, which also puts it all in perspective, but in a totally new way. It's long, primitive, but informative.


Dear Rick Snyder: you're a fucker.

Dear Rick Snyder,

I know it may seem like you just won an important victory, but I have a message for you from my good friend Woody Guthrie.


Erykah Badu- That Hump

Happy Hump Day!

B!tchly Bizness-Limousine Slippers

Detroit deliciousness.

Listen to the full track here and get a free download.

"some shit you can't even pronounce." Hell yeah!