Deal Breakers

So I realized while looking over my last few posts that this has turned into a blog about my love turmoil. Gross.

So I'll indulge you on a recent relationship(?) fiasco.

I've since learned that I have quite a few deal breakers.

I was dating this Nigerian anesthesiologist from Baltimore. Weird, I know. He was alright; not too needy, smart, blah blah. (I later realized there was much more blah than I wanted).

I went up there on a Sunday afternoon to spend the day with him. Here are where the deal breakers enter...in sequence of events:
a) he was super late picking me up from the train station and he didn't call.
*if you're going to be late, just call. It's rude to keep a girl waiting, or anyone really.

b) I got there late afternoon and we didn't eat dinner. I mentioned that I was hungry and he told me to order some food.
*if I travel to meet you, buy me fucking dinner--especially if you're a mothafucking doctor.

c) We started to watch a movie. He asked me what I wanted to watch and I made several suggestions. He finally decided on some stupid science fiction, straight-to-DVD bullshit.
*If you ask ME what movie I want to watch, listen to my suggestions. Particularly when I specifically say, "anything but sci-fi.
p.s. We ended up watching CSPAN.

d) He answered his phone TWICE while we were having sex.
*FUCK YOU. Don't ever do this, unless someone has died, you've just gotten a call from
Supermarket Sweeps, or...nope. FUCK YOU.

e) He went to drop me off at the train station in the morning. No kidding he stopped ON the tracks and waited for me to get out. I simply said, "Are you really dropping me off ON the tracks? (rhetorical question) Could you please pull up to the curb?"
*Men, don't drop a woman off ON the train tracks.

Needless to say, it didn't work out.

For a further list of deal breakers please see: vegan, neck tattoos, and cat owner.

A stupid biblical reference

Just had a three-hour conversation with my only "real" ex-boyfriend. While we only talk once every six months, it's always somewhat refreshing to talk to him. He somehow makes me feel good about myself because a) he compliments me and b) I feel I am a better person than him. I know this second reason is selfish, but I don't care.

We had a terrible break up, mostly from my perspective because I got my heart broken. Bad. And I found out tonight that one of the girls who he cheated on me with was a stripper--who he got pregnant.

Now I knew most of the hour-long "truth" story he decided to tell me tonight; I was able to piece together a lot of it over the past 5 years, but the pieces that I never knew were a) she was a stripper and b) she was pregnant. That's some serious shit.

Forgive. Forget. It's kind of all bullshit. What I realized was that my heart took a long time to heal, but it's healed. And really, it's a fucked up story regardless of the details. I don't care about him enough to care either way. And that feels good.

He hoped that the truth would set him free and make me fall in love with him again. The thing is, sometimes the truth shall NOT set you free. And...I don't believe in that "fall in/out of love" rhetoric.

It feels great to know that some things don't matter to me anymore. Or people for that matter; and that truth sets me free.