Loss and Found

I went to a funeral tonight.  It came at a strange time when I've been missing my dad a lot.  I've always said that if I could have any day given back to me it would be a day in which I could have an adult conversation with my dad.  I think he'd give me some sage advice right now.  Probably more than anyone; maybe because he's my dad and I would hold his advice on a pedestal. Maybe he was just smart.  Maybe I just want to know.  

Loss is a feeling that is felt by everyone at some point always.  We miss people, places, emotions, sensations- a look, a smell, a touch, a sound.  Loss is a horrible wound that takes time to heal.

It's interesting for me to see how people deal with loss.  How do you console loss?  It's nearly impossible.  You can be empathetic and sympathetic, but when you're in it; it seems like a never-ending road of emptiness and confusion.  You want to offer advice, but people aren't looking for advice at this time.  In fact, people rarely take action of other's advice unless they were going to do it anyway.   It's why I always say that it's a process.  You never get over loss; you get through it.  

It's the reason I still miss my dad.

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