Avoiding and Embracing the D.

I've never been in a situation like I am in now.  A situation not conducive to making friends, one with no money, one with no culture.  Shit man, it's making me crazy.  Even in Ukraine, I had friends who were in similar places as me- despite living hours from one another.  We had a common bond.  Ukraine didn't have much cultural diversity or events, but at least everything was fresh and new to me.  Detroit...blah.

I'm enjoying being around my family more than the last 8 years of my life.  I am interested in helping rebuild Detroit.  There is such a brain drain here that I feel like I would be a great asset to this city, but something's got to give.

I feel like all the things that aren't going well in my life are all intertwined and I'm  not sure what to do about it.  Can't make friends without having money to go out.  Don't have money without a job.  Don't have my sanctuary place because I don't have an apartment.  Don't have a place to invite people over.  Don't have people to invite over.  I know that this is not the way to think.  It's fucking hard to meet people in this city,  especially being a woman.  I don't have a problem doing things by myself, but I don't want to just have sex with men and this is what a lot of them want. Woman don't want to make friends with other woman- I'm not sure the reason for this.   I don't want to fall into a slight depression.  This is all new to me.  So what can I do?

I'm making a goal for myself to visit one cultural thing a week.  Some ideas: DIA, Pewabic, art shows, music shows.  God, I miss Columbus for this reason.  I'm going to investigate taking a class or joining some type of group...but it's just so Lifetime channel for me.  Ideas: bocci team, art class, language class, book club, volunteering (I really need to start getting paid for my work).  It's like my song still needs a chorus.

I guess the difficulty for me is that I've never had to work this hard for things to fall into place for me.  I've had some good karmic energy on this front in the past.  I've never had problems finding a job, making friends, finding the right places to be or go.  I suppose this is a good thing for me.  It'll build character and a part of me that is underdeveloped.  Right?

Viva la revolucion!

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