Gone Fishin'

It's not even that I necessarily believe in reincarnation.  But I definitely believe in the exchange of energy that takes place between things. 
I have an intense spiritual association to fish.  I love to surround myself with images of fish.  I have fish jewelry (you all know m
y fish pendant), paint fish, have always had a pet fish, gravitate towards Pisces, and love coastal areas more than anything.  I have this connection that lies somewhere inside of me.  There's a serenity to them.  *I've always thought that this is the reason I don't eat fish.  I'm not a cannibal.
This being said, I've never actually thought or explored the deeper significance behind this penchant.  Here's my first attempt.

I'm a real Aquarian, through and through.  I am the water bearer.  Water is an archetype of the unknown, the depths of knowledge, and the subconscious.  And from this water springs life.  I mean, it is where we all started millions of years ago.  What is more associated with water than fish?- which have traditionally been representativ
e of fertility, eternity, creativity, femininity, good luck, happiness, knowledge, and transformation.

There isn't one of those words that I don't consider a major part of my personal values and hold to some sort of esteem.  In particular, I've always had a connection with knowledge and transformation.  I believe knowledge to be the solution to most of the problems in this ever-unsympathetic world.  Once we have the understanding of where people come from, what their words mean, why the act as they do, things usually become more clear.  

Transformation:  I was talking with my friend Abbey last night and she reminded me of something I said to her years ago- a sort of mantra that she lives by.  I vaguely remember saying this particular thing to her, but for some reason I think she believed it more then than I did, even as the words were coming out of my mouth.  I told her, "you need to prune in order to grow".  It's like a houseplant.  A houseplant will cease to grow new appendages (not the right word, but you get what I mean) if you don't prune its leaves.  One needs to shred the things holding them back in order to transform and blossom- to progress.  This is a beautiful thing.  This is an idea I hold close to my heart and try to always live by.  In fact, this is probably why I live- to grow into a better and better person.  I always make an earnest attempt at ridding my life of things that aren't working- sometimes too haphazardly.  
Time=change.  If we as individuals cease to change and transform inside, while our surroundings fail to cease outside of us, then shit hits the fan.  Things fail to coalesce.  

Change is a good thing for me; something I'm trying to embrace more and more of...even after all the (mis)adventures of Ukraine.

I guess that a fish is the perfect animal archetype for me.  Fuck that trickster, the wolf.  He's always causing problems.  

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