La empieza de la revolucion

So I started my revolution with a bang.  I went down to the newly remodeled DIA. It was nice, but nothing spectacular.  They have a much bigger contemporary collection now, which I appreciate.  They also have an interesting African American art collection.  Overall, not bad.  

I continued my day with dinner at my sister's.  Fondue.  Yum.  

Then I wanted to check out a bar down on 7 mile I had heard about.  So, I drove there, but it was closed...I think forever.  I decided to head to another locale and have a few beers.  I ended up meeting an interesting guy and we chatted for a few hours with a few beers on him.  We exchanged numbers and he already contacted me.  Perhaps I'll make plans for later this week with him.

I also sent some emails out to some couchsurfing buddies in the area and we're going to meet up next week.  My network is getting bigger.  Fuck yeah.

THEN...this morning my mom found some contraband I left in the car.  She wanted to throw it away, I said no, and she gave it back to me.  Pretty cool, but really embarrassing.  Can't have it all.

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