Boom Shakalaka

I took my test on Saturday and did way better than expected, which means I can really choose to go anywhere!  I guess the studying really paid off.  Now for the dreaded application process.  My only requirement in a program is that it needs to be somewhere I want to live (which kind of disqualifies UofM).  Perhaps this isn't the smartest way to choose a program, but I don't care; I need to like where I live.

Contenders: NYC- Columbia, New School
                    Philadelphia- UPenn
                    Denver- UofD
                    Pittsburgh- only place where I don't know anyone (not a bad
                    thing, just sayin')-Carnegie Mellon
                    Tempe- Univ. of Arizona
                    Ann Arbor- UofM

*Gladly accepting convincing arguments for or against any of the listed cities.


Jessica Chance said...

I, of course, highly recommend Denver. After one year here I am very pleased with our decision to move. We go hiking every weekend, the city is full of parks and bike paths. The sun shines all of the time, and people are generally incredibly friendly. Denver isn't a very moody city, or at the height of culture, but it is a very happy city, and easy to escape. Best of both worlds (city and country) in my opinion. We would love to have you out here!

Jessica Chance said...

There is also a great art community! This is our hood: http://www.rivernorthart.com/

Jessica Chance said...

And this: http://www.yelp.com/topic/denver-reasons-to-live-in-denver