There should be

*So I've done a lot of posting recently as a GRE exercise.  It's been extremely difficult to stay focused during my study sessions, so I thought I'd keep myself entertained and interested by making the process have a concrete product.  I've got one week before the exam, and am on schedule: final week- the  writing (not that I would write any of this on the actual exam, but getting my brain conditioned por lo menos).  So this is the last of my trials...

There should be a five-year ban on making movies about zombies or the apocalypse.

There should be a one-year prison term for rubberneckers.

There should be a way to rewind life so that you can take a person back to their childhood for a day. And not so they can enjoy it, but so they can see that childhood sucked just as bad as, if not worse than, adulthood, and then they can finally stop pitying themselves for having grown up and will realize that adulthood is just as wonderful as, if not better than, childhood.


There should be a movement to reverse the recordability and portability of music, to take us back to a time when you had to be in the presence of a musician in order to hear music, that is, unless you were listening to a recording in that most primitive of music boxes—the heart—with all its false notes and turned-around phrases, echoes, warped waves, and rattling walls.

There should be a presidential election where none of the candidates are allowed to talk for the entire year leading up to the election. And we will choose our leader based on the work they choose to do and what they get done with their hands and sweat during that fundraiser-free, oh so commercialless vow of silence.

*Let's pretend you're the ETS graders and you give me a (drum roll) 7/6!  Which reminds me of this.

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