Bottom of the Ninth

The internet is remarkable.  I truly believe it to be the greatest invention ever.  It's a sea of information at your fingertips, a place to stay connected, a opportunity to influence people to action on a global scale, and a creative outlet for so many.

As I grow older, I often think about what a blessing it would be to have a conversation with my dad.
It would go something like this:

Me: Hi, Dad.

Dad: Hi, Laudenski.  What's cookin'?

Me: Not a whole lot.  Work's good- could use some more money.  Ya know.

Dad: Yeah, well, hang in there.  I've been thinking about adding some flowers around the base of the cherry blossom tree.   Want to see what they've got and pick some out with me?

Me: Sure.

(At this point we would get in the car and Dad would turn on some Tiger's baseball.)

I know it's nothing spectacular, but it'd be priceless.

I stumbled upon a touching website that honors a woman's father.  This is why the internet is so cool.

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Jessica Chance said...

I love this. I often have dreams where I am hanging out with my Dad. Often, my dream self is thinking "oh my god, this is so amazing, I thought I would never get to do this again!"

But he doesn't know there is anything special going on, so I pretend its normal, too, because I don't want to break the spell.