wartime beliefs

I hear speeches in sermons and sermons in speeches
I'll give you the scriptures the way they give 'em to me.
I'll skip the boring genealogies and tell you
my favorite parts.

In the beginning God shot the sun from a cannon, your book got it all wrong.
He didn't say let there be light,
He said let there be flight, so we can drop bombs.
God stepped from the trances of heaven,
marched through the night sky,
cut spaces for the stars from his bayonet, blasted holes in the ozone with his howitzer
so we could go swimming in winter

"Let there be two great lights in the heavens--
one to rule the executive and legislative
and the other to rule the judicial, to outshine
any green third light that might arise from the earth
to tell the white lights to go.
Let fighter jets fly in the expanse of the sky,
let the water teem with torpedoes
and submarines, radar screens."

So God created man in his own ideology,
man and woman he created them,
and created guns as a natural extension of the body,
that is why we call them arms

He planted the tree of the rhetoric good and evil
with protruding roots like trip wires.
"Do not ask the three branches, I mean, the tree branches
any questions or ye will surely die."

Soon after, terrorism entered the world
through Cane: the original Osama (or Obama)
Later, God blessed Israel's murders as they fought
for grain to fuel their llamas.
Luckily, Jesus saved us through briefings
on the beach with his apostles:
"Don't hesitate to spread the Gospel, the good
corporate-controlled news,
all authority in hegemony, I mean, heaven and earth
is given to you,
make Americans of all nations, blood-bathing them
in the name of the father patriarchy, the son conformity,
and the holy demonization."
And God answered our prayers, gave guidance
through walkie talkies:
"...keep the control bright and the front lines
dark...I repeat, keep the front lines in the dark...kill
Romans...invoke omens...hire tokens..."
"Do not turn away from the country that wants
to borrow from you to rebuild their buildings
you bombed, that is why
it is called collateral damage"...thus saith the Lord.
Lord yes Lord!
"At all costs do not let Justice remove
that damn blindfold again,
last time we had to kill a King!"
Lord yes Lord!
"And keep them coming on Sundays.  I don't care
if you have to put the churches in malls like stores
where the can buy salvation!"  Sir yes Sir!
"And keep them coming on Sundays.
Celebrate Thanksgiving in August and Christmas in March
if you have to.  If we can't have slaves to masters,
I wanna see slaves to Mastercards!" Sir yes Sir!

Two final orders from the sermon on
the secret base inside the mount:
"Do unto others as you would never want them
to do unto you,
and love enemies for Christ's sake,
your economy would collapse without them."


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