The plunge.

Sometimes I wish answers were as easy as shaking a magic eight ball.  Is flipping a coin putting too much stock in fate?  People keep telling me to go with my gut, but my gut feels like a sandstorm.  What the fuck does that mean?

Ultimately, it's not that big of a deal.  It's ten months away from my family (not friends, since I haven't been around them much anyway) again.  Ten months living in a shitty apartment with no friends.  Ten more months of not being in a romantic relationship.  Ten more months of being poor.  Ten months with bugs, scarce water, and the same raggedy clothes.  Ten more months before "settling down" in America. Ten months of dust or mud.

But ten months of learning a new culture.  Ten months of great job training.  Ten months of sun.  Ten months to test myself again.  Ten months of meeting new people.  Ten months not being in Detroit.

Ughhh.  Who knows how to read tea leaves?

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