Princess Toadstool- 09.07.07

I'd been anticipating this time of the year since my arrival.  I've heard so much about how fun this activity is and how it's a national past time.

Mushroom hunting takes patience and a set of good eyes.  I guess it's a good thing there is an abundance of carrots in this country.  I left at 6:00 am with my friend, Sasha.  We listened to horrible techno music early in the morning after a night of vodka drinking.  In fact, this whole adventure came about after I opened my big mouth saying I had never been mushroom hunting.  So a bit hungover, I was cursing myself on the 40-minute drive to "the perfect place" to find mushrooms the next morning.

I was told to wear pants because we'd  be in the forest; so I wore jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt.  It was extremely hot.  We parked the car in the middle of nowhere.  Seriously, it was the middle of the forest.  We had a wicker basket, knife, and our phones.  You wouldn't believe all the mushrooms in the forest!  They're everywhere; not all edible of course.

Now it's a good thing I wore pants because we were in the forest...i mean it was like the jungle- like Nam, swamp foot and all.  We were on our knees climbing through branches, mosquito swarms, mud, prickly vines,  stinging nettle- all in the name of mushroom.

Once you learn the art of mushroom hunting an the different kinds of mushrooms, it becomes like an addiction trying to find the next shroom...mabe like a junkie looks for his next fix.  It's awesome.  We spent four hours in the steamy woods and came home with an overflowing basket of white mushrooms and about 100 mosquito bites that eventually became infected blisters on my legs.

Hot I tell you.

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