Complacency 10.30.07

So this is something that has been brewing inside of me for awhile.  Ukraine has just had elections that ended in predictable results, which bear evidence to the fact that people don't want change.  That is to say, the election results show this, but if you talk with the people at the grassroots level, the data would show quite the opposite.  Things are shitty here.  Many things are mafia-run- to the point that it's accepted and joked about.  Universities, government, hospitals, schools, police.  This makes for a bad situation with no accountability.  We know this. But, here's where I make the connection.

Americans, for what I can tell (as I've been away for a year) seems discontent.  I included.  But, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE PEOPLE DOING? NOTHING!!!  Like Ukrainians.  So, it's easy for me to criticize Ukrainians as it isn't my culture.  But, they retort back- "and your president?"  What am I to say?

We need to be more proactive.  "We" meaning Americans, Ukrainians, French, Albanian, etc.  We hold the power. I know it is often forgotten because it's easier to pass the blame to other people.  Hey, it was the Soviet way...super frustrating to see and experience every day, but we do.  We are the money.  Without us, the governments are nothing.  We need to take grassroots actions!  That isn't to say we need to stand on the streets and protest (though that may help), but we can choose to walk to the store, purchase goods from small businesses, provide local education, volunteer for an hour a week...

I know it's easy to talk to your friends and bitch about corruption.  I see if here every day, but more than that has to happen.  We are unhappy.  We are unfairly represented.  People really hate us Americans.

Not to get all American on you asses, but I am teaching two classes right now.  One is American Lit and the other, American Country Studies.  I have been rereading about the American Revolution and the first American authors.  And let me tell you, they didn't liberate America from Britain by purely talking to their friends.  yes, this was the beginning, but it went much further than that.  They took action.  And remember- Actions speak louder than words.  This may all seem cliche, but I believe it to be part of the truth.

I have a hard time instilling these values into my students.  I don't promote a particular political agenda, but when my students say to me: "But, Miss Bruce, your president creating war you all money have.  Why?"  I feel a sense of guilt.

Do I explain to them the complexities of this loaded question?

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