I'm off (soon anyway)

As I sit here attempting to load every possible song on to my iPod that I might want to listen to in the next 27 months, I find myself confronted with a lot of unknown. I have no idea what I'll want to listen to when I am feeling totally overwhelmed with learning Ukranian, frustrated with fellow teachers, or sad because I miss my family and friends. All I can do is totally prepare the ultimate music collection. I've included a bit of everything: Bing Crosby's Christmas carols, Motown, the Monster Mash, some golden oldies, some new stuff I've always wanted to listen to, and the songs that remind me of the people I love.

But what I'm really most nervous about is that I'm not stressing about the pressing issues posted on my Peace Corps group's blog thing. Issues like: Have I packed the right clothes, shoes, music, medicines, coats?...it all just makes me want to vomit, really. Because the things that I won't be able to get there, the things that don't fit into my two bags (which have to weigh under one hundie lbs) are people. The people I love so much. This is the hardest part to me. Everything else is replaceable.

 I am hoping to keep in touch with all you wonderful people as much as possible in the unpredictable-internet-providing country of Ukraine. I will do my best to update this with some stories (probably with me as the butt of most of the stories), anecdotes, and observations of my new home. Please write me (those who have my address), email me, or just send some good vibes my way, because I will need that from you. I will miss you all terribly and you will be in my thoughts, especially when I'm rocking out by myself to Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree".


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