Sounds of Silence

What is most striking about the desert
Is the incomparable peace.

At first unsettling, it reveals just how many distractions
You allow yourself to entertain elsewhere.

Footsteps echo for incredible distance;
You can hear your camel's digestion outside your tent
Or the sand shifting from a light breeze over the dunes.

There you are, face to face with yourself,
And everyone else laid as equally bare before you-

And nobody cares.

The day we arrived to the end of the earth-
Sifting through sandcastle villages to our sandcastle palace-

We climbed to the top of a dune,
Took pictures of the nothingness.
And reconciled ourselves to the humming in our ears-

There lay the Sahara desert stretched out before us...

Everything about Morocco, from start to finish, was memorable.  Sometimes trying, sometimes frustrating, often funny, even more pleasant, and in the end worth every inconvenience (even a couple nights with a couple of hustlers).  It proved to be a trip full of good fortune and unforgettable landscapes.

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